Cydney Rabe, Trainer and Owner

BASI Pilates | Corealign | TRX | Booty Barre |ACE Personal Trainer

Cydney has been practicing pilates for over 10 years. She fell in love with the practice due to the increased strength and flexibility it gave her. Cydney graduated from the University of Tennessee  and moved to Chicago to begin working in the luxury hotel world. Throughout her time in hotels she was always practicing pilates and committed to learning more about the practice. 

After being hit by a car in 2009 resulting in a serious shoulder injury, Cydney lost all range of motion and strength. Cydney returned to pilates and quickly realized the mind body connection that helped to completely rehabilitate her shoulder.Realizing the amazing benefits that pilates had on her life she immediately enrolled in the BASI course.  After completing a comprehensive course though BASI she began teaching and learning more about the body. Wanting to add more movement practice to her own pilates practice she completed the corealign courses from balanced body.

Kathryn Blackwell

BASI Pilates

I found pilates after declaring a hiatus on doing anything I felt I had to do, and focusing on things I wanted to do. I had seriously injured my ankle, and it forced me to take a rest and reevaluate my fitness routine, and my life.I wanted to love every minute of a workout and feel great afterwards. And I felt this for the first time doing pilates. The reason I am a pilates instructor is so that I can share this with others. I feel more connected with my body. I feel like I can actually have a strong body (I have always hated weight training) without having to begrudgingly visit the weight rack or home barbell workout videos. The excitement and possibility of having a strong body without hating the process is profound.

A strong body does connect to a strong mind. People will find their strong bodies in different places.I have found mine doing pilates, and for anyone of a similar mind as I, I’d like to help them get there.

 Elizabeth Brewer

Pilates | Yoga

Elizabeth has always had a true passion for physical fitness and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Feeling good about yourself and your body builds great self-confidence and the belief that anything is possible. Elizabeth attained her certifications in Power Yoga and Pilates in 2012. She truly loves working with people and helping them achieve their fitness goals, while having some fun doing it. For when we are able to develop strong bodies, we can build strong minds and live powerful lives.

Clay Gaddis

BASI Pilates | TRX 

Becky Luchsinger

BASI Pilates | Spinning | AFAA Group Fitness

Pilates changed Becky’s life. After suffering from a L5 stress fracture, Becky was forced to scale back her workouts and let her body heal. It wasn’t until she stopped doing all high intensity exercise that she truly realized the benefits of Pilates. Pilates had been a once a week, sometimes twice a week part of her fitness routine for years.  Once she started doing Pilates more than twice a week she noticed an immediate change in her strength and body awareness. She fell in love with Pilates after her stress fracture and wants to share her passion with others. She truly believes Pilates can change your life.

Annie McKinney

TRX | Booty Barre

An exercise enthusiast my entire life, I began teaching fitness classes as an extracurricular from my corporate job. I soon realized my passion for wellness and was fortunate enough to leave that position to pursue my interests. As a certified group TRX instructor, I enjoy introducing people to the exercise and watching them gain strength and confidence with each class. I have since began my own Pilates practice with Cydney, and have benefited greatly from incorporating both workouts into my life. I am a proud resident of OTR and love to take walks with my dog Roxy, who is a regular at the studio! You will also see me at Segway of Cincinnati where I work as Manager of Operations. 
Core has become such an important part of my life, and am lucky to make it a part of other’s lives as well! 

Anna Sheperd

BASI Pilates | Booty Barre

Tara Steed

Pilates | Booty Barre | Personal Trainer

Tara  was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and graduated from the University of Dayton.  Tara has always had a passion for fitness and has been taking pilates, spinning, barre classes and many other group fitness class for several years.  Recently, Tara decided to become an instructor and is currently  Booty Barre instructor and a certified Pilates instructor.  Tara just completed her first marathon at the 2013 Flying Pig.  She plans to train and run in many more half and full marathons over the next several years.  Tara attributes her injury-free running to the strength she has built and maintained from her pilates practice.In her spare time, Tara also enjoys taking hikes with her husband, Grant, and their dog, Savannah.  Tara is very excited to share her passion for fitness and health with others!